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Dialyte Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Concentrate

Dialyte© Bicarbonate Hemodialysis Concentrate

CA Bicarbonate Series (36.222x Dilution)

Final Dialysate composition after mixing of Acidic and alkaline concentrates with purified water according to the dilution ratios specified below: 

Mixing 1 volume part of CA series and 1.222 volume parts of Carbolyte Basic 8.4% with 34.0 volume parts of purified water USP or mixing 1 volume part of CA series and 1.311 volume parts of properly mixed DialyteO Hemodialysis Grade Sodium Bicarbonate Powder 650g with 34.0 volume part of purified water USP will yield the above listed Electrolyte concentrations.


Electrolyte concentrations are based on these proportioning ratios. Actual machine settings determine final concentrations.

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